About Us

What is Lunar Lodge?

Lunar Lodge is a collaborative group of individuals that have been gathering since beyond the past decade in the mountains of Colorado. Our themed events are much more than music, they are multifaceted, multidimensional, visual, art and kinetic performance events with an element of auspicious ritual. Our events are about transformation and becoming. Whatever your sense of spirituality is, you bring that to the gathering. Our aim has never been to gain popularity or promote these to the general public, instead we've always facilitated these events by private invite. We take great care who we aim to include in these gatherings and ask that you do the same. Over the years our community has evolved to include many talented and influential individuals, to a point where we've formalized the invitation process. Hence this website.

Our Process

The inner council disburses invites to the members of our community but makes no restrictions who can be brought along. We only ask that you use wise discression and follow our formalized process for passing the invite to your friends. We are not a closed or secret society, just a very intentional one. Our aim is to change the human race from homo sapiens to homo veritas by means of personal transformation. Through sincere participation, each participant becomes a living talisman who radiates the specific energies of the themed event throughout his/her sphere of influence. Lunar Lodge events are essentially large-scale rites that are intended to cause global change, to affect the entire species of humanity including the participants. The individual praxis of Lunar Lodge also includes world-scale workings, but numbers multiply the effects.

Who is Lunar Lodge?

We are artists, musicians, producers, alchemists, shamans, yogis, healers, psychics, builders, farmers, technologists and architects. We hope to implement member profiles on this website in the near future. Please check back soon.

Lunar Lodge is not a Masonic or a Thelemic organization. We are a non-profit, non-religious organization of an independent order.

Stated Mission: (First Draft)

A Lunar Lodge event shall be held at least once every calendar year, preferably around the full moon in August for a most auspicious celebration. A Lunar Lodge event shall be an intentional gathering aiming to bring together creative and intellectual beings of all sorts in an environment condusive to furthering their individual craft in open collaboration with each other. A Lunar Lodge event shall have scheduled performers as well as spaces for spontaneous expression. A Lunar Lodge event shall be centered around a set of core hours that starts in the late evening and ends in the early morning. There shall be a deliberate opening and closing of this window of time and participants shall be encouraged to stay present for the core hours to support the group effort. Great effort shall be taken to make the core hours as entertaining, stimmulating and auspicious as possible. The celebration may continue beyond the core hours and may be supported by additional activities to accommodate the intensity of the core elements, for example a catered feast at sunrise and additional performances. The core hours shall be jam-packed with radical audio, visual arts and entertainment in an intimate setting with multiple spaces and rooms to accomodate various currents of transformational energies. Different spaces may include a chillout room, a dance area, a healing room and areas for working with different currents. Lunar Lodge events shall always be made joyous occasions with any kind of participation being strictly voluntary and very welcoming to new participants.


The lodge is freedom, nothing more. We have envisioned the future and wish to communicate with others who are experiencing concurrent transformations. We are accomplishing the Great Work! Analysis and Synthesis. Our purpose is Harmony. Æterno Cretus!